Version 2.9.1

Why QuickNote?

QuickNote is a software for writing everything in a practical and fast way.
I started to write it because I needed a software for writing notes quickly and in multiple text documents, without having to save all these documents around my hard disk.
With QuickNote, you can edit various documents and close without saving: QuickNote will save all your data and load it again the next time!
Here are some special features:
  • Editing of multiple text documents
    Manage in the same QuickNote window an unlimited number of documents for annotating emails, addresses, ideas and everything else!
  • Multiple Look and Feels and Tab-like and Window-like view
    Choose between two different looks and organize your documents in different Tabs or Windows!
  • Autosave of data and settings on closing
    Just open your documents,change your settings, write what you want and close QuickNote for auto saving or choose the "Exit without saving" menu item for discarding all changes!
  • Window minimization and "stay at the top" function
    If you use QuickNote with a lot of other programs and you want to iconify it, you get two problems: you insert another item in your already busy application bar and you cause a lot of swap work, in particular when you want to reopen QuickNote; you can avoid all this problems minimizing the QuickNote window and optionally choosing the "stay at the top" function, letting the little minimized QuickNote window to stay over all other windows!
  • Multi-Language (English and Italian)
    QuickNote supports English and Italian languages, but it is designed to easily add other languages; contact me if you want QuickNote to support another language!
  • Errors logging for discovering and repairing bugs quickly
    Errors are logged in the qn_errors.log file for bugs tracking and quicker repairing!
  • Platform Independent and very lightweight
    You can use QuickNote in any system with a Java Virtual Machine version 1.4 or higher installed.
    Also try to install QuickNote in a floppy disk and you will be able to share your notes between various systems!
Plus many other common features like:
  • Clipboard operations
  • Line wrapping
  • Find and replace function
  • ...and more!
Last but not least: it's completely free, licensed under the GNU GPL!

QuickNote Requirements and Installation

QuickNote is written in pure Java, so it's platform independent.
You will need a Java Virtual Machine Version 1.4.0 or higher.
You can download the latest Java Virtual Machine from http://www.java.com, following the "Get It Now" button link.
QuickNote installation is very easy: simply copy the QuickNote directory somewhere in your file system (it can be placed in a floppy disk, too!) and run the QuickNote.jar file with the following command:
java -jar quicknote_path/QuickNote.jar
You can also make a simple script or, on Windows platforms, double click on the jar icon.
I suggest you, to avoid problems or unexpected behaviors, to put the QuickNote directory in a path without spaces or unusual characters like '!', '?', '%', and so on.
Moreover, if you upgrade from an older version, your data file will not be compatible, so backup your documents before upgrading.


For bug reports, suggestions, ideas, comments or everything you want about QuickNote, please feel free to send me an e-mail at:
putting the word QuickNote in the subject, or use the QuickNote Forum at this page!

Web Site updated on 10/08/2004
QuickNote is licensed under GNU GPL.
Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Sergio Bossa (sb_tourist@tin.it)