Version 2.9.1


10/08/2004 : QuickNote Version 2.9.1 released

New features:
  • Multiple Look and Feels;
  • Multiple charsets support;
  • Minor changes and bug fixes.

26/07/2004 : QuickNote 3.0 RoadMap

Prior to the 3.0 major version, a series of minor releases, anyone with some new features, will be made available.
QuickNote 2.9.1, the first minor release, is coming with:
  • Bug fixes and cleaner code rewriting;
  • Look and Feel enhancements;
  • ...
It is scheduled for the first week of August.
Keep tuned!

01/07/2004 : QuickNote Web Site update

  • Quick description of special features added in the Home Page.

27/06/2004 : QuickNote Web Site update

  • Screenshots section modified;
  • More screenshots added.

25/06/2004 : QuickNote Web Site update

  • News section added;
  • Future section added;
  • Credits and Thanks section added.

24/06/2004 : QuickNote Web Site on-line

QuickNote Web Site on-line for the first time!

23/06/2004 : QuickNote Version 2.9 released

First release on SourceForge!

QuickNote is licensed under GNU GPL.
Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Sergio Bossa (sb_tourist@tin.it)